A New Concept of Bone Health


EchoS is the very first radiation free solution for bone characterization and micro architecture assessment.

Its pioneer technology promotes early diagnosis of Osteoporosis at the axial sites. A breakthrough echography device for bone characterization and micro architecture assessment through an innovative approach that enables the scanning of the reference sites: LUMBAR VERTEBRAE and PROXIMAL FEMUR.

EchoS is the only solution capable of combining the advantages of the two main existing technologies (DXA and QUS), allowing our
approach to bring axial bone densitometry at the point of care, with a significant beneficial impact on current diagnostic management. We will open concrete perspectives for future worldwide standardization of intervention thresholds on the basis of more objective and reliable criteria.

Radiation Free

Automatic ROIs

Bone Density

Axial Sites

Clinically Validated

Bone Micro Architecture

Discard Artifacts

High Performance

More than a Medical Device


❶ Axial Site Selection
❷ Bone Target Visualization
❸ Software Assisted US Acquisition
❹ Automatic Detection of the bone interfaces
❺ ROIs Automatic Calculation
❻ Automatic Signal and Spectral Analysis
❼ Diagnostic Output
❽ Medical Report


Radiofrequency Echographic Multi Spectrometry

The peculiar feature of the proprietary R E M S method is the exploitation of RF signals acquired during an echographic scan of the target bone structure to determine the internal bone architecture through detailed comparisons with reference spectral models Ultrasound scans are performed by EchoS equipped with a convex transducer operating at 3 5 MHz, allowing the simultaneous acquisition of conventional B mode images and corresponding unprocessed RF signals.

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